Sunday, February 13, 2011

The shifting of power and wealth?

Just being boring, went downstair, I switched on the TV. I flicked through a few channels and immediately , one typical show caught my attention..

There is one man and one woman, both wearing roller-skate doing all those fancy stuffs on a stage...They performed along with a big orchestra behind playing those fun and thrilling music to make the performance more exciting..

I didn't pay much attention at the first sight, just fascinated by their performance.. After a few minutes, I noticed something is wrong..

The performers were Caucasians, the orchestra was half Caucasians, and half Chinese..and the one who played the piano was also Chinese...

Alright, I think to myself, maybe it is just coincidence that the band and performers are Caucasian and Chinese...not a big deal...

I was shocked when the camera showed the was also half CAUCASIAN and half CHINESE!!! (of course there are still few others like from others countries, but the majority was like people from China and USA)

This might be something interesting to watch! So I stay on with the show, as I wanna find out what's the name of the show...
After the commercial breaks, I finally get to see the title of the show named "Spring Festival International Gala"

My first impression was like "What the hell?" I heard before Spring Festival Gala..but why the hell they add in "international"?

I keep on with the show, then only I realised why they put the title as "international". Because they hired performers around the world and gave performance in China! This show was a telecast from Chinese New Year as it is kinda like a celebration for CNY!!

SO! Since it is a show I missed during CNY, I keep on with the show..

The following performance was a guy, I forgot his name...but he is from Israel and trust me, his voice are incredibly wonderful!

The first song, he sang "Phantom of the Opera". Beautifully sang!

The second song, he sang “敖包相会”...I was thinking "Why would u choose to sing Chinese song?!"

This really makes me wondered, why he want to learn and sing Chinese song? The next few performers who sang also have a mixture of English and Chinese...And I wondered why would they have the fusion of both East and West, Chinese and English? ALthough the title of the show has a word "international" in it. However, let me narrowed it down, I think this show we should focus on Chinese from China, and Caucasians from European and Western countries...

Correct me if I was wronged...Never did I see Caucasian entertained Chinese. Never! In this show, I saw those people who was performing was all Caucasian with a few Chinese singers, and the audiences were mostly Chinese...

I think this tracked back to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), after a big hit on Wall St. , USA was literally undergoing some big issues with their financial system...The wave started to hit big countries such as UK and Europe, and eventually pull down the whole economic.

People panicked, they stop spending, whole system shut down. Who to blame? Those greedy bankers, who want to earn more and more.

What we used to call the big and powerful are now looking for money...and guess what? China emerged and literally became the World bank for those "big and powerful" countries.. And to our surprise, China has the world biggest reserve of currency! (Compliment to the Chinese tradition and culture of saving)

Few months back, I read some news about Bernanke scolding China for manipulating their currency, Ren Ming Bi...But in the end, those Western countries urged China to increase the value of Ren Ming Bi, as investors started to shift their investment from their countries and went into China!

To me, it was more like begging China not to torture them anymore...LOL!!

Just a few days back, China increased it's interest rates...and immediately investors started to pull back funds! Malaysia stock markets immediately went into a free fall! Why? because investors feared the economic will slow down again...

The shifting of power and wealth from Western countries to China? Beats me! I just know China now is running so damn fast that one day, it might falls too!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Strawberry Farm and Tuck's Ridge (Road Trip Day 2)

Here is the second day of our road trip...We sort of having a little confused on where to go on the 2nd day of our road trip..with no suggestion among me and Queenie, Ah ting flipped through the tourist guide book and immediately found this strawberry picking farm...
Without further ado, I kick started the engine and run for our 2nd road trip.
Just an hour rides, we reached our destination. SUNNY RIDGE.
This strawberry farm will only be open for summer season, which mean their farm will open for visitors for merely few months.. 

Jarret also told us that we gotta try their Strawberry Ice Cream..YUM!

It is another sunny day for us, and the farm is packed with people...The above picture shown not much crowd on the farm, but trust me, after an hour, lots of crowd started to pour in and fill the farm..

The planting of strawberries were all well organised.

To my surprise, the pathway is exceptionally clean and easy for us to walk..

See the crowd..

The picture shown the old land which was ...As you all see far behind the picture there is a long line of queue...Those were people lining up to pay for strawberries picking...Behind my position of taking this picture is a new land of fresh untouched strawberries............

The few pictures above obviously shown us looking for BIG RED JUICY strawberries...but seems like the big red and juicy ones have all been reap by the early birdss....Argh..not pretty much happy about it...

However, we started to see few families going down to a new land full of fresh, ripen strawberries...We started to question each other as there is a clear signage which strictly forbid us to crossover there..

After a few minutes, we saw a staff slowly walking down.. we naughtily think that he is here to get rid of the few families who broke into their new land.. However, to our surprise, he is here to get rid of the signage..and I hastily walk down to the new land of STRAWBERRIIEEEEESSSSSS!!!! 
WOOOHOO!!!! Look at the picture below! those are what I called BIG RED JUICY Strawberries!!! 

I'm so excited, walking down the path full of ripen strawberries..

Incredibly red...

This is Rachel who hold on the box of big fat juicy strawberries.

saw the difference of strawberries from the old and new land? The two big raw strawberries are from the old land, but the bloody red one is from the new land...

I wondered if you all saw my picture of eating Three Big Fat Red Juicy strawberries at one time!! Scroll down for the epic pictures taken! hahaha!

Me tasting on the strawberries...


Holy mama!!!! It is so tasty!!!!!!!!

Me Eating

Me eating again...Queenie can't hold on anymore...hahahaha!

With strawberries stuffed in my mouth, I fed Queenie with another strawberry...

Strawberry stuffed in my mouth again! haha!
Me eating again! LOL!



Wiping strawberry juice which burst out from my mouth...
Almost every pictures above was me with strawberries stuffed in my mouth..and almost every pictures is me eating the freshly picked strawberries!!! I think it worths AUD$8 dollars per person for picking and eating in this farm...Every big red strawberries I ate, was honestly fat, juicy and sweet...

After finished filling up those boxes, they decided to stop me from eating more I think I ate about one and a half big box of strawberries...muahahahaaaaa! 

Alright, next food to fill our mouth was the strawberry ice cream! See how satisfied they looked with the strawberry yogurt ice cream below....XD 
(Didn't find any of ah ting and my pictures? As we were holding the cameras!)
This is what I called...Happiness.....LOL!

We finished the ice cream in the car, and decided to visit some winery. Drove around, and we stop for a winery named Tuck's Ridge..We saw lotsa cars stopping outside the wine yard, so we think maybe this winery is famous for its wine...haha!

Take a look for some pictures we took on the winery yard..
This is a place for customers to sit down and have a great view of Tuck's Ridge wine yard...
View from the cafe...

LOL! this is the quote of the week for Tuck's Ridge..haha! from Homer Simpson..

The entrance to cellar...

See the crowds!!! 
The crowds inside the wine tasting cellar...

Me tasting the wine...XD

This is the certificates and awards they wonder this place is so famous and packed with wine lovers...

 Some interesting illustration..

We bought a wine to go with our dinner that night..HAHA!!!

Shiraz Rose from Tuck's Ridge..

This is where we ended our 2 days road trip..I delayed a little for posting this 2nd day trip as I am having another Sydney food trip with my dear dear....This is a memorable trip for me as the first day I broke my records of driving 12 hours ...the 2nd, for merely few hours, I ate the most strawberries in my life!!! What can I say? Marvellous experience, fun and exciting trips with you guys, lets do it someday again!!! More on Sydney FOOD trip coming up!!!